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Was your Twitch VOD muted?

Here’s what you need to know:

First of all, don’t trip. VOD mutes can happen for a variety of reasons but they are NOT DMCA takedown notices! The only people who can send you takedown notices are the people who own the rights a.k.a us! If you wanna know more about how that works, check out this article from Rini at StreamerMusic (https://streamermusic.com/how-the-dmca-process-works/). HighPassGG’s tracks are all made in-house and you can find more information about that in our Terms of Service.

But why is it muted?

Twitch doesn’t have an internal copyright system, so it uses a third party company called Audible Magic.


If you’ve discovered your VOD is muted, it’s because Audible Magic has flagged it as “copyrighted content”. This is in order to protect Twitch and the “content” can be anything from songs, sports games, live events, television and much more. In this case, a song can potentially be flagged because there might be elements of the song on multiple albums. How is that possible you might ask? Well in modern day production, sample packs and websites dedicated to mass producing samples are widely used and popular so it’s not uncommon to have a song with the same sample or loop. For example, you can recreate the entire song of Usher’s Love in This Club in Garageband right now because the original producer used all Apple loop packs without changing a thing.

How can you stop mutes from happening?

Death, taxes and Twitch VOD mutes are one of the most guaranteed things in life. But there’s a way to change the Twitch VOD mutes. The only way to avoid mutes is to route your audio (yes, including some game audio) through a secondary channel in your broadcast software so it’s not included in your VODs and clips.

WTF, I thought you guys were better than this?

Our goal at HighPassGG is to provide a service to streamers and content creators. On top of that, we also want to create a platform for all aspiring producers to be included and heard. With that comes the opportunity for mistakes, errors and oversight. We can never guarantee a 100% perfect rate and in the event that something happens to you, we’ll work our hardest to resolve issues.

Facebook Gaming

Facebook Copyright Claims


To our Facebook Gamers, we unfortunately cannot guarantee your video or streams won’t get a copyright claim.


We currently do not have the ability to work directly with Facebook. We have done everything in our power to make sure our music is safe for use on Facebook outside of working with them directly. We hope to expand our relationship with them some day soon!


If one of your streams gets a copyright claim, please join our Discord here and we’ll have someone help you out to the best of abilities.